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Coastal Properties

  • What are rights concerning the area named Zona Federal Maritimo Terreste from tide is designated as land of the nation. Which implies that every individual has the right. This does not mean that one sleep on it, ride it, may trash it or makes a campfire on it, which activities are considered felonies. – can one get access? The solution is every owner of properties facing the Z. M.T, has to provide access. -? In accord with the law, the Federal firm call SAMARNAT, that’s the watch dog has the capacity said measurements location, according to the requirements alongside other parameters.
  • can one be ahead of the circumstance? It is suggested in the documents providing the Rights that a servitude of passage be established, according to post 1109 of this Federal Civil Code and its security from the Civil Code of the State. – is it done this wasn’t done at the time the rights within the land were obtained? Yes, one can do that following the purchase. But remember that this will create an extra cost.
  • what’s the procedure? What occurs when one sells the property? The Servitude follows the property, simply put, it keeps on being active until someone asks the it be removed.

Can an individual stop someone crossing a private property? To conclude, if you’re occupying a part of this Mexican Territory located in front this shore there’s more to it than just sitting there and enjoying this sound of this waves. You must prepare legally or possibly suffer the consequences. B.Member of Lawyer’s college in B. S.Firms Senior Partner, Notaria 8, Planta Alta, suite 4 & 6, Esq., Allende y Serdan, La Paz, B.